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Our Happy Clients

I LOVED working with you!!

-Before I hired you, I had my colors “done” falling into the autumn category….as I have aged, I no longer looked good in some of those colors and didn’t know what looked good on my anymore (I tried a lot)

-Originally, I hired you for the location but now I recommend you to my friends! I am so glad that I found you for location but I will continue to use you (because you are amazing with color and can help me with style)

-I now feel much more confident with my clothing selections (I know what looks right – you taught me). I have told me friends that you didn’t tell me my colors, you showed me and made sure I learned!!!

– You accepted all types of credit (easy)

Janell Stephens, Alpharetta, GA

Prior to using Dezired Image, I hated shopping. I didn’t know what to buy, what styles to select, what colors looked good on me and I would often leave the store frustrated and empty handed. However, your services changed all of that for me! When you shopped for me every outfit you pulled together I absolutely adored. For the first time in a long time, I felt like the stores had something I could wear and it was a joy shopping! Now I look forward to buying clothes because I know they will fit me right and they will look good on me and I owe that all to you.

Using an image consultant was worth the money spent because not only did I walk away with beautiful clothes but with a renewed sense of style and a love for fashion that I thought was long gone. Thank you from a loyal customer.

Dianne Rosena Jones, Author/Speaker Duluth, GA


I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance you have given me and expertise you have shared with me. I already feel like a different person. It is so true that how you feel about yourself on the outside impacts how you feel on the inside (I have always known the vice versa to be true, but I had not made this new connection in the past). I am so happy that I contacted you and I sincerely appreciate you squeezing me in to make this work during my husband’s absence. I look forward to standing taller during my presentations and making my husband proud to have me by his side!

Tracie, Dentist-US Navy Alpharetta, GA

Thank you so much for bringing bright, beautiful color into my black and white world! With the patience and kindness of any great teacher, you showed me that the outward image I was projecting was the exact opposite of what I intended.

Now that I am armed with a rainbow of rich, bold colors in my custom-coordinated palette, I can confidently select and coordinate clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

You taught me how to shop efficiently and effectively. I can now focus on only those items that best complement my hair, eyes, and skin tone (the SHE in ME!). Who knew that wiser choices would make my wardrobe seem to increase exponentially!

I am so grateful your wisdom, advice, and inspiration. No more uptight black and white for me; I plan to live the rest of my life in COLOR!

M. Harvey, Attorney Suwanee, GA